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Know you can do better on the GMAT? Frustrated with your current score? London GMAT tutor Rowan Hand is here to help.

Perfecting your GMAT score is always a journey, but the right guidance can cut down preparation time significantly. The gap between your current score and your ideal score might seem impossible to cross, but Rowan can help you bridge that difference to submit the score you know you’re capable of.

Rowan has been a real ally whilst applying for business school. Self-study is difficult as you can constantly second guess how you should be approaching the test. Rowan instituted systematic methods for both Quant and Verbal which gave me the security and confidence to get a 740 and a £22,000 scholarship to boot. He has also become a friend in the process.  Thanks Rowan! —Josh C, 2020

GMAT Tutor London GMAT Tutor Rowan Hand

Hi Rowan, just wanted to say thanks for all the time and help over the GMAT journey! Sat it again this morning and got 750 (47/47) so I’m really very happy indeed! –Lorian P, 2021

Thanks my man Verbal for the win (730). –Jaron W, 2021

Got this news this afternoon (Kellogg)!! Thank you so much for everything. Couldn’t have done it without all your support. Your notes got me through studying. Thank you heaps! –Michelle M, 2021

GMAT preparation is an individual process, and requires an individual touch tutoring. Feel free to contact us if you need some impartial advice or have a simple question, and of course if you need tutoring.

Private GMAT Tutoring with Rowan

Success Package

Special Zoom-only price! In six hours of one-on-one tuition, Rowan will help determine weak points in your prep, fix them, and boost your score. Includes personalized support, diagnostics, and access to our hundreds of pages of proprietary guides, and access to our Video Masterclasses.

Price: £270 x 2

Accelerator Package

In ten hours of one-to-one training with Rowan, you will discover weak points in your GMAT preparation and work on specific target areas to increase your score as rapidly as possible. Includes personalized support, diagnostics, and access to hundreds of pages of our proprietary GMAT guides as well as access to our Video Masterclasses.

Price: £450 x 2

Personal Intensive

Do you need to increase the effectiveness of your tutoring in a minimum amount of time? The Personal Intensive Program is for you. Rowan will meet for five days (six hours class per day plus homework assignments) to turbocharge your GMAT skills at lightning speed. Thirty hours of class over a 5-day period plus after-hours support.

Price on Asking

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London GMAT Tutor — Your GMAT Coach

GMAT students need to feel prepared for the exam experience: that means competent, confident, and capable.

Rowan has been a professional GMAT coach since 2005. He has helped over 1000 B-school applications reach their target GMAT scores. 

He has taught group courses at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level in Paris, Warsaw, and London and now works in-person from London or online via Zoom doing both one-to-one and group work.

Using an in-house diagnostic system for Quant and Verbal, Rowan will help you identify weak points in your preparation and work specifically toward increasing performance in these areas and checking performance frequently using questions from the Official Guide to the GMAT. There’s no substitute for Official GMAT questions, and this will allow you to pinpoint areas of struggle and work through these in optimal time.

Rowan’s excellent track record comes many years’ experience in identifying candidates’ struggles as well as their strengths, identifying places for more work and suggesting ways to capitalize on low-hanging fruit: why settle for a 40 in Verbal when you can get a 44?

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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is a lifechanging outcome and I will be forever grateful to you not just for your support to me, faith in my ability but also for the work that you do giving less gifted people a hope in hell at getting through the GMAT. –Ollie M, 2019

(Cambridge) accepted the score! Thank you for all the help mate.  I really appreciate it. –Sam I, 2020

So good news–got a 720. Still in shock to be honest. Didn’t think it was possible given my last score. Thanks again for all your help. –David F, 2020

Need a helping hand on the way toward your target GMAT score?

London GMAT Tutor — Rowan Hand

Is GMAT tutoring really necessary? Some people are fine to go it on their own, but it can be quite difficult to understand exactly how much time is necessary for study, whether in weeks or months or hours per day. Many conflicting answers exist online. Having someone to discuss this with–as well as expectations, fears, and of course test content–can be the answer. However, a lot depends on the quality of the tutor. As a full-time GMAT tutor, Rowan is committed to working in the exam space and when not teaching develops his own GMAT material and works as a consultant editors for outside companies. He is always looking for the clearest, most efficient explanation to help you succeed by fully understanding the demands of this difficult exam. Additionally, by eliminating agency overhead (expensive offices, sales teams, etc.), Rowan is able to charge much less than big-box tutoring agencies.

As with any professional, a second opinion is always useful. Contact us for a list of trusted partners both in London and online.

Get the highest score you can in the least time possible. Get personalized, impartial advice from a London GMAT tutor.