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Frustrated with your GMAT score? Know you can do better? Rowan can help.

Getting into a top B-School is a journey, but with the right guidance, it doesn’t have to take as long as you think. Those last few points between your current score and your target score might seem insurmountable, but Rowan can help you bridge the gap and submit the score you know you’re capable of.

If you are serious about a top 10 business school, then this is your tutor. Rowan was an excellent choice for me, a GMAT candidate that needed to improve my score from 600 to 680+. I exceeded my target score after only 10 hours (5 Sessions) of working with Rowan. Rowan knows the GMAT exam inside out and showed me how to apply my existing knowledge to GMAT problems and identified my opportunities for improvement. This was especially valuable to me as he enabled me to focus my efforts upon improving my score whilst maintaining morale. –David E

GMAT Tutor London Rowan Hand

I cannot recommend Rowan highly enough. Over the course of the last 5 weeks, with his help I was able to go from 640 on my first attempt to 720. I owe this almost entirely to Rowan’s abilities as a tutor. He has a firm handle on the content of the test and, maybe more importantly, is able to articulate the problem-solving skills required to tackle GMAT questions. –Fraser B

Hi Rowan, so it went much better and I got a V46 Q45 IR8. Total 730. –Olivia L

Working with Rowan was brilliant. I tried another tutor but didn’t see much improvement. Rowan helped me get from a 640 to a 730 in a matter of weeks. –Dan G

This is GMAT tutoring with a personal touch–feel free to contact us if you need help, have a simple question, or need some impartial advice.

Private GMAT Tutoring with Rowan

Success Package

Special Zoom-only price! Work for six hours with Rowan to find weak points in your GMAT prep, resolve them, and boost your score working one-to-one with Rowan. Includes diagnostics, personalized support, and access to our library of Video Masterclasses.

Price: £270 x 2

Accelerator Package

Ten hours of private in-person one-on-one training with Rowan. Find weak points in your GMAT training, work to resolve them, and boost your score. Includes diagnostics, a personalized study plan, support in-between lessons, and access to our library of Video Masterclasses.

Price: £450 x 2

Personal Intensive

Maximise your effectiveness in the minimum of time with the Personal Intensive Programme. Meeting wherever is most convenient for you Rowan Hand will spend 5 days (six hours of class plus daily homework assignments) with you to supercharge your GMAT skills quickly. Thirty hours of class over a five-day week plus daily homework assignments.

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GMAT Tutor London and Online — Your GMAT Coach

My goal as a GMAT Tutor is to help students feel confident, competent, and prepared for their test experience.

Rowan Hand has worked as a GMAT Tutor and test prep advisor for students across the globe since 2005, working one-to-one in London, Paris, and Warsaw and developing an even broader reach online. 

From Perth to Hong Kong to New York to London to Frankfurt to Moscow, Rowan has coached over 1000 students to make their careers at schools such as Stanford GSB, INSEAD, Oxford Saïd, Cambridge Judge, Kellogg, MIT Sloan, Columbia, Wharton, Cornell, IE, IESE, and many more.


I retook the GMAT today and got a 740 / Q49 / V41 which I am very pleased with! I did only a bit extra work between the last test and this one so it is basically down to your help, being a bit more relaxed, and knowing what to expect. –Alex P

Hey Rowan, just to let you know that I got 710! (Q47 V41). Thanks for your help. –Kit M

Just wanted to let you know how it went. 740 with all the improvement coming from quant. Thank you so much for all your help – I credit the extra 30 points to you!!! –Laura R

The GMAT Preparation Journey Can Be Difficult to Navigate Alone

GMAT Tutor London — Rowan Hand

Understanding how many weeks or months of study are necessary, how many hours a day you need to study, or even how to interpret the maze of conflicting answers to this type of question can be a nightmare. Hiring a professional GMAT tutor can be the answer. London certainly provides a wealth of options for GMAT tuition. Unfortunately, sometimes you get what you pay for, and other times you don’t. While most tutoring agencies employ students or busy professionals as tutors, Rowan is a full-time GMAT tutor. When not teaching one-to-one or group GMAT courses in London or worldwide, Rowan works as a consultant editor for GMAT materials. His goal is always the clearest explication of how to succeed at this demanding exam. Furthermore, by eliminating the agency middle-man and expensive real-estate overhead, Your GMAT Coach is able to charge significantly less than big-box tutoring companies.

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