How to Eliminate Bad Answer Choices in GMAT Reading Comprehension Questions

One of the main principles of GMAT Verbal, and particularly GMAT Reading Comprehension, is that you’re not actually looking for the RIGHT answer, but rather the CORRECT answer. What do I mean by that? Simple: the “right” answer is what they taught you to find at University. That’s the clever answer that means something.  What … Read More

Does the GMAT repeat questions? Read on…

“The secret is reps, reps, reps.” –Arnold Schwarzenegger Here’s a quick answer: NO, but sort of maybe sometimes if you look at it a certain way. There’s obviously a lot of interest in this topic, and I will tell you one true thing, even if it’s not what you expected: Repeating questions is the simplest, … Read More

GMAT Critical Reasoning Strategy Part I: Mental Models

Mental Models to Improve GMAT Critical Reasoning Strategy  While this is ostensibly a guide for Critical Reasoning, many of the things listed here will help us to make better decisions on the rest of the GMAT and ideally in life as well. That last part is up to you, obviously, but I can help you … Read More

How to Beat GMAT Functions Problems Once and For All…

The Ultimate Guide to GMAT Functions Problems? (Probably not, but it’s a start…) Just want all of this as a 20-page PDF? The GMAT Functions Guide There are few words that strike terror into testtakers more than “functions.” Wait for it… Yeah, that feeling. The dropping in the pit of the stomach, the hyperventilating. We’ve … Read More

GMAT Probability Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Probability was initially developed for gambling. Given the gamblers I know, that means it can’t be particularly complicated. Why we base the global financial system on it is another question, but Quantum Mechanics uses it as well, so I’ll admit I’m being judgmental here. Looked at one way, Probability attempts to give us a mathematical … Read More

Quit Trying to Game the GMAT Algorithm Already

“You can’t tell if the machine has gotten smarter or if you’ve just lowered your own standards of intelligence to such a degree that the machine seems smart.” –Jaron Lanier It won’t do any good. What do I mean? SCREW THE GMAT ALGORITHM There. I said it. Why would we consciously give away our autonomy … Read More