Hi Rowan, just wanted to say thanks for all the time and help over the GMAT journey! Sat it again this morning and got 750 (47/47) so I’m really very happy indeed! –Lorian P, 2021

Hello mate, 690 on the GMAT. 70-point improvement since last time. –David B, 2021

Thanks my man Verbal for the win (730). –Jaron W, 2021

I love both your Combinations and Probability guides and they’re very clear. –Diana K, 2021

Got this news this afternoon (Kellogg)!! Thank you so much for everything. Couldn’t have done it without all your support. Your notes got me through studying. Thank you heaps! –Michelle M, 2021

(Cambridge) accepted the score! Thank you for all the help mate.  I really appreciate it. –Sam I, 2020

Rowan has been a real ally whilst applying for business school. Self-study for GMAT is difficult as you can constantly second guess how you should be approaching the test. Rowan instituted systematic methods for both Quant and Verbal which gave me the security and confidence to get a 740 and a £22,000 scholarship to boot. He has also become a friend in the process.  Thanks Rowan! —Josh C, 2020

So good news–got a 720. Still in shock to be honest. Didn’t think it was possible given my last score. Thanks again for all your help. –David F, 2020

I was delighted last week to be able to accept an offer to study full time from September at the Kellogg school of management in Chicago.
Cambridge Judge, London Business School, UC Berkeley Haas and Chicago Booth’s executive programme ultimately made admission offers alongside Kellogg.
I’d like to say from the bottom of my heart thank you for your support during the GMAT process- during the time that we worked together, I improved from mid-tier (or lower!) percentiles to an eventual 97% percentile score.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is a lifechanging outcome and I will be forever grateful to you not just for your support to me, faith in my ability (particularly where the evidence suggested I wasn’t picking things up!) but also for the work that you do giving less gifted people a hope in hell at getting through the GMAT.
–Ollie M, 2019

Hey Rowan, just to let you know that I got 710! (Q47 V41). Thanks for your help. –Kit M, 2018

All sorted and ready for some beers in the sun. Appreciate all the help. –Ned H, 2018

Did the exam (properly) this morning. Q48, V45, 740 overall. Thank you! –Olamide B, 2018

Hi Rowan, just wanted to let you know I got 630 yesterday which I was pleased with. Thank you for all your help! –Annabel C, 2018

You’ve got the magic sauce! Did the exam yesterday and got a 690 (Q47, V38) – am pretty chuffed… Quant surprised me as performed much stronger here than expected. –Haris K, 2017

Hi Rowan, so it went much better and I got a V46 Q45 IR8. Total 730. –Olivia L, 2017

I cannot recommend Rowan highly enough. Over the course of the last 5 weeks, with his help I was able to go from 640 on my first attempt to 720. I owe this almost entirely to Rowan’s abilities as a tutor. He has a firm handle on the content of the test and, maybe more importantly, is able to articulate the problem-solving skills required to tackle GMAT questions. —Fraser B, 2017

Just wanted to let you know how it went. 740 with all the improvement coming from quant. Thank you so much for all your help – I credit the extra 30 points to you!!! –Laura R, 2017

If you are serious about a top 10 business school, then this is your tutor.

Rowan was an excellent choice for me, a GMAT candidate that needed to improve my score from 600 to 680+. I exceeded my target score after only 10 hours (5 Sessions) of working with Rowan.

Rowan knows the GMAT exam inside out and showed me how to apply my existing knowledge to GMAT problems and identified my opportunities for improvement. This was especially valuable to me as he enabled me to focus my efforts upon improving my score whilst maintaining morale. –David E, 2017

Scored a 770 today. –Ankit C, 2017

710–Made it!!! Thank you Rowan –Patricia I, 2016

Working with Rowan was brilliant. I tried another tutor but didn’t see much improvement. Rowan helped me get from a 640 to a 730 in a matter of weeks. –Dan G, 2016

700…math 43, but also verbal 43…well…overall I cannot complain. –Fabio P, 2016

GMAT went really well! Improved by 130 points so I cannot thank you enough. I’ve received offers from 2 business schools but still waiting to hear from both LSE and LBS which are my top choices. -–Connor M, 2016

I was lucky enough to get a scholarship offer from Kellogg and Yale and was waitlisted at Harvard. –Alex P, 2016

I sat the GMAT and got a 680!–Meeshan S, 2016

I got an offer from all schools – hec, Essec and ESCP.
I actually ended choosing ESCP as the masters is the one I find the most interesting (business development and consulting) and it will be in Madrid !! —Lena P, 2016

Hi Rowan, Got a 700 which is fine. –Tom O, 2016

Wanted you to be the first to know, it happened and I’m in!! –Antony W, 2016

Just wanted to thank you for all your help. I got a 710 which is good enough for me. –Alex S, 2016

I got into INSEAD. No exaggeration to say the gmat was the major hurdle in that – so wanted to say a massive thank you. –Max W, 2015

I retook the GMAT today and got a 740 / Q49 / V41 which I am very pleased with! I did only a bit extra work between the last test and this one so it is basically down to your help, being a bit more relaxed, and knowing what to expect.–Alex P, 2015

I did the gmat yesterday again – 710 – it finally worked!! Thanks for all your help these months!! –Victor M, 2015

So I scored a 700–thanks for all your help with the prep, I found it extremely useful and interesting too. –Alex P, 2015

Hi Rowan, I did the GMAT today and scored 700. Q48 V38. Very happy. Thanks for all your help! –Benjamin S, 2015

Rowan was a massive help on the quant – he’s incredibly good at diagnosing where your challenges might be, and teaching loads of useful tricks to not only overcome those challenges, but actually get way faster and more confident than you would have thought possible. My quant score went up 17 percentiles in six weeks and just three 2-hour sessions. Highly recommended. –Max W, 2015

Delighted to report that I scored a 660 this morning. –Fergus P, 2015

Many thanks Rowan! –Dipen P, 2015

I was much more confident with the quant and made a significant improvement. Thank you very much for your help over the past few weeks, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. –James S, 2015

Scored 700 so v happy with that. Thank-you so much for all the help – definitely could not have done it without our lessons. –Claudia R, 2014

I received an offer from the business school this morning. Thanks again for all the help! –Juan S, 2014

I just heard back from LBS… the acceptance is now official! So I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the past two and a half months! –Lara R, 2014

710. You’re a hero, thanks so much for all your help and advice! –Johnny S, 2014

740! Thanks Rowan and thanks for all the help! –Sam J, 2014

710… Phew! Really really pleased. Thanks very much for your help over the last couple of weeks! –Daniel P, 2014

I have been offered a place at LBS–Thank you so much for your help and tips. They most certainly helped my approach to the questions. –Rob O, 2014

Much better than last time. Quant much improved, so thanks for your help! Paul K, 2014

10 hours tutoring helped take me from a 540 on my diagnostic test to a 680 on the actual GMAT. Thanks for all the help Rowan! Richard E, 2014

I wound up pulling off a 49 on the Quant (81st percentile – a really nice improvement from my 62nd percentile score the month before) and an overall score of 730. Thanks again for your help – funny how much of the quant bit is just silly number properties, and I never would have had this insight without our session.
F M, 2014

I got 720… Thanks Rowan:) The emphasis on the Verbal part did pay off! Mike Z, 2013
Quantitative score 46. I never scored that at home. I’m so happy! THANK YOU!!! Saskia W, 2013

730–happy! 🙂 Thanks for your help! Gabriele M, 2013

A 710 score today. 49 in Quant and 38 in Verbal. I just cannot believe the Quant score… NG, 2013

Results were better–maths score improved 20%. They accepted me:) Thank you Rowan for your support! JD, 2013

I got a 740 with a 49Q/41V split. Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it. Fahim B, 2013

An effective coach requires patience, understanding and experience, along with the ability to step into the shoes of their client. Rowan possesses all of the above complimenting his depth of knowledge, excellent communication skills and genuine desire to help others. He has a unique set of talents and abilities which stand testament to his increasing success and popularity. –Daniel G, 2013

I made it into TRIUM program. I am grateful for the knowledge that you’ve imparted during the GMAT classes. Hopefully, I will get opportunities to pass them forward.
– Shekhar A, 2012

I met Rowan, after I have tried 3 private tutors for my GMAT prep. I was not happy with my previous tutors, for various reasons–after one class I was really happy with Rowan’s teaching style, because was very patient, and managed to explain every concept till I understood and therefore I felt comfortable. This ensured my score improvement by 120 points within 2 weeks! Also I was pleasantly surprised by his innovative approach to studying – he really understands personal needs and weaknesses, and makes sure to spend a lot of time attacking those. And at the end all what matters is my results and my admission to INSEAD! Thanks again!
– Yana P, 2012

I so much appreciated all your extra support that I received during and after the classes. It is very important the knowledge that I have gained as well as the confidence in the exam. –James A, 2012

Thanks for everything!
— Andrew H, 2011

740 – was extremely happy with the outcome. Many thanks again!
– Kirk A, 2011

I just wanted to let you know that I have secured a place at Wharton starting this August! Thank you for all your help with the GMAT preparation – very much appreciated your guidance and enthusiasm.
– Alex S, 2011

Preparation helps immensely. There is no other way to say it – without preparation you’re likely to bomb out in a big way. The difference between how I tackled problems during my first and second attempt was vast. —Rob D, 2010