GMAT Combinatorics, Permutations, Combinations — VIDEO

As part of my new series on Combinatorics (counting problems) questions, I’m introducing some basic videos to YouTube over the next few weeks.

When it’s all completed, it’ll ramp up to a proper-real Online Course based on how to get you from Zero to Hero when it comes to these fear-inspiring questions.

The first thing I’d suggest is simply to make sure that you take the information apart step by step and that you have a lot of good techniques and methods at your disposal RATHER THAN blindly memorizing equations the way a lot of Fast Food GMAT companies would recommend.

Remember, the GMAT expects you to know the basic equations AND why they work, but it will punish you relentlessly for knowing them and not knowing why they work.

How does that work?

Like this: the test suggests a particular equation or knows that you’ll be expected to use a particular type of equation to answer a question.

However, those equations tend to be “universalized,” implying that they start from a set point e.g., counting from 1, assuming consecutive integers rather than “only evens,” etc. The GMAT will then suggest that you count from 100 or count only the evens.

If you don’t know WHY and HOW the equation works, then you’ll find yourself neck deep in guano.

What’s the best way around this?

Quite simply to learn to build the equations from scratch, as I teach you to do in this new video series.

Check it out here: