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Rowan’s Last Minute GMAT Grammar, the #1 Amazon bestseller that teaches you how easy it is to understand GMAT grammar!

“A really good review of really nuanced rules.”
–Han T. Dinh,

“This book definitely gave a lot of valuable information without adding useless content. I would recommend this book to anyone needing a quick lesson on sentence correction.”
–Michael Navarro,

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Too busy to read Last Minute GMAT Grammar? Check out the audiobook read by Rowan Hand.

“Even as a native English speaker, I struggled with the sentence correction section whilst prepping for the GMAT exam.This is an excellent and thorough step-by-step guide that helped me tackle many of the common and less known grammatical errors. It specifically targets the recurring themes within the GMAT exam that are proven to cause the most difficulties for test-takers. It identifies and explains in a clear and concise manner how to go about tackling these sentences and provides plenty of good examples. I would highly recommend this guide to all GMAT candidates seeking to boost their scores in the verbal section!”
–Bianca Roden,