The Blueprint for GMAT Success?

Remember the last time you took a major exam? The stress? The study time?

…and it was especially frustrating when you hit a wall and didn’t know how to proceed to make your study more effective.

Now sit back, remembering the taste of success when you were done.

Prepare yourself for the blueprint to GMAT domination.

It is deceptively simple, and a lack of success COMES DIRECTLY from a lack of thinking this way.

Let me explain…

Writer Richard Brautigan used to count the commas in Ecclesiastes as “an engineering experiment.”

Hunter S. Thompson used to type Hemingway and Fitzgerald word-for-word just to “get the feel of the language.”

Every band you’ve ever loved, from the Beatles to Coldplay playing other people’s music from the record–just to “understand how it works.”

So it stands to reason that if you understand how a GMAT question works, you will be able to answer it.

The GMAT is designed in a scientific way, so that a 650 one day is equivalent to a 650 the next.

Do you want to learn how the testwriters are able to consistently do this?

Here comes the good part:

You must learn how the testwriters THINK.

It is the one principle that will invariably make your GMAT preparation more effective than the next student’s.

Take original, official questions–that is, GMAT Prep or Official Guide questions–and break them down until you understand them backward.

No hints, no peeking at the back. Step by step, you can decode, write down, and explain to a 5-year-old the reasoning behind them.

If you can do this, you’ll get a 700.

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