Determination – The Key to Success

Why do some bright students crash below 600, and how do math phobic students end up with a 96th percentile on the numerical part? As we say in this article’s companion piece (see article: Discipline – A Key to Success), there are two characteristics that can make the smartest students fail and the most average ones … Read More

How to Turn Your GMAT Anxiety into a Source of Exam Power

Athletes, musicians, and other top performers all understand how to control their emotional states under pressure. This is a make-or-break ability to develop in your GMAT prep, and it is sadly lacking in most GMAT courses. That is not to say that you have to be perfectly calm—in fact, a certain amount of nervousness makes … Read More

How Does Your Perception of the GMAT Affect Your Score?

Your mind can be your biggest ally or your greatest enemy. Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Is your mind playing with you, or against you? Try the exercise that follows to find out. Imagine being now, right now, on the day of the test. You … Read More

The Master Key to GMAT Success – Part 1

Unfortunately many people spend lots of energy finding excuses NOT to do the work necessary for GMAT success. It’s easier to blame other things, but if you chronically have trouble finding the time to study, making your coaching sessions, or otherwise figuring out ways to get better–as slowly as that might come–then there is no … Read More

Is Your MIND Playing Tricks on Your GMAT Prep?

The Only Thing to Fear: Fear Itself If you fear you’ll fail the GMAT, you’ll fail the GMAT. It may sound cliché, but our minds actually play a large role on whether we have success or not. Did you ever go to an interview thinking that it will go horribly, the other participants will be … Read More