What’s Preventing You from Reaching Your GMAT Goals…

It’s simple: information is not useful; transformation is. Recently, I was listening to a speech by one of my favourite business authors, Michael Ellsberg. Ellsberg relates the story of how his personal battles with bipolar disorder—severe mania and severe depression–were exacerbated by a poor diet. Doctors told Ellsberg that he was severely sensitive to changes … Read More

The Most Difficult GMAT Problem to Overcome?

First off, sorry for the long delay in blog posts. Constantly working with my awesome students and devising new plans of attack in both business and the test prep world, I have let the blog slip a little bit. However, a couple of things have happened this week that have made me rethink my position … Read More

Are You the Kind of Person Who Sees a GMAT Consultant / Tutor?

Client Profile #1: MG Looking to shift from a successful career in banking, MG has decided to apply to US business schools. Doing so will allow him to “change careers and combine my skills and experience with personal interests and passions.” MG discovered the GMAT when applying for a postgraduate program at the London School … Read More

GMAT — The Most Subjective Professional Exam?

You might imagine that the GMAT exam is logical. Until you start doing practice questions. The biggest struggle for people beginning their GMAT study is almost invariably learning to deal with the fact that a good number of the questions simply “don’t make sense.” What causes this, you might ask? How can a test ask … Read More