GMAT Combinatorics, Permutations, Combinations — VIDEO

As part of my new series on Combinatorics (counting problems) questions, I’m introducing some basic videos to YouTube over the next few weeks. When it’s all completed, it’ll ramp up to a proper-real Online Course based on how to get you from Zero to Hero when it comes to these fear-inspiring questions. The first thing … Read More

Hate GMAT Study? Here’s One Simple Trick to Learn to Love It

The suffocation seemed overwhelming. It was making me shrink into my seat. Just to breathe, I began to hyperventilate. This wasn’t the first time that I took a practical exam, and it certainly wasn’t the last. The first was when I was probably 11 years old and was given an ACT exam as part of … Read More

How to Kill Procrastination and Make Time for Your GMAT Prep

Are you having trouble studying for the GMAT? Do you simply find yourself meaning to do it but never getting it done? It is easy to find the time for GMAT preparation. In fact, it is so easy that people tend to make excuses about how they don’t have time to study. Sure—we’re all busy, … Read More

One Crucial Tip to Spend Less Time on Your GMAT Preparation

Over the years, I’ve learned never to respect people who worry about their ideas being stolen. After all, what is an “original idea?” For that matter, how can it be proven? To me, it simply hasn’t seemed like something to worry about. Of course that isn’t suggesting that I plagiarize—believe me, I have enough to … Read More

How Pessimism Can Boost Your GMAT Score — A Step-by-Step Guide

Today I heard something very interesting while listening to a speech by author, investor, and general crazy person Tim Ferriss. While it is nice to hear him echo what I’ve always said about “imagine the worst that could happen”— –that is, imagine that you never prep, “fail” the GMAT, and don’t get into the school … Read More

How to Turn Your GMAT Anxiety into a Source of Exam Power

Athletes, musicians, and other top performers all understand how to control their emotional states under pressure. This is a make-or-break ability to develop in your GMAT prep, and it is sadly lacking in most GMAT courses. That is not to say that you have to be perfectly calm—in fact, a certain amount of nervousness makes … Read More

Not Progressing Fast Enough?

Something that I always say to students who come to me is that attitude is one of the most important features of your GMAT prep. Over the years, I have noticed that those who treat their prep with an air of fun or curiosity tend to be those who do the best. This is hardly … Read More

One Study Technique to Change Your GMAT Mindset Forever

It’s simple. You have to get things wrong to get things right. Yeah, whatever. No, I’m being absolutely serious here. As a GMAT tutor, I’ve seen first-hand how part of any program of learning involves a lot of mistakes, a lot of missteps, and a certain amount of frustration. Nevertheless, many GMAT takers—that’s you!–are people … Read More