How Pessimism Can Boost Your GMAT Score — A Step-by-Step Guide

Today I heard something very interesting while listening to a speech by author, investor, and general crazy person Tim Ferriss. While it is nice to hear him echo what I’ve always said about “imagine the worst that could happen”— –that is, imagine that you never prep, “fail” the GMAT, and don’t get into the school … Read More

How to Turn Your GMAT Anxiety into a Source of Exam Power

Athletes, musicians, and other top performers all understand how to control their emotional states under pressure. This is a make-or-break ability to develop in your GMAT prep, and it is sadly lacking in most GMAT courses. That is not to say that you have to be perfectly calm—in fact, a certain amount of nervousness makes … Read More

One Study Technique to Change Your GMAT Mindset Forever

It’s simple. You have to get things wrong to get things right. Yeah, whatever. No, I’m being absolutely serious here. As a GMAT tutor, I’ve seen first-hand how part of any program of learning involves a lot of mistakes, a lot of missteps, and a certain amount of frustration. Nevertheless, many GMAT takers—that’s you!–are people … Read More

How Hiring a Troll Accelerates Your GMAT Preparation

Huh? I promise, it will make sense soon enough. As we’ve been discussing often recently, my years spent tutoring GMAT in London have taught me a lot about high performers and their reactions to the GMAT exam. Trust me, Fear and Anxiety are two of the biggest obstacles for even the most prepared GMAT taker. … Read More

If You Know What You’re Doing, You’re Doing It Wrong.

One of the biggest mistakes that GMAT students make is to know what they are doing at every moment. This is like a computer program running in the background, constantly giving commentary on the program–the actual GMAT study–that is actually running. This extra mental chatter not only slows down your GMAT study, but decreases your … Read More

The Blueprint for GMAT Success?

Remember the last time you took a major exam? The stress? The study time? …and it was especially frustrating when you hit a wall and didn’t know how to proceed to make your study more effective. Now sit back, remembering the taste of success when you were done. Prepare yourself for the blueprint to GMAT … Read More